Kentucky Hikes

Kentucky is home. This is where I have grown up and where I have spent the vast majority of my life. I love being out in the woods of Kentucky. This part of the website is dedicated to the beautiful trails of Kentucky. Please note that the trails here can vary significantly depending on the season and weather. Foliage will dramatically change some views and rain can easily swell creeks to be impassible. Please keep this in mind when heading out for a hike.

If you have an idea for a hike that you would like for me to check out please drop me a message.

Trailhead map

Below is an interactive google map with the trailhead location for each of the hikes I’ve done. You can click on each one for the direct link of the report on the hike.

  1. Eagle’s Nest – Red River Gorge
  2. Indian Staircase – Red River Gorge
  3. Copperas Falls w/ Hopewell Arch – Red River Gorge
  4. Cloudsplitter – Red River Gorge
  5. Harrods Creek Park – Louisville, KY
  6. Tioga Falls Trail – West Point, KY

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